Horizon, 2014.
Installation: wax, dye, neon lamp.

The light from the lamp draws a horizon, as if in its luster the heavens and earth have been condensed, whose imagined meeting has been referred to as the horizon. At the same time, in the context of the exhibition, it can provide a perverse metaphor for a liminal phenomenon, as it is a perceptible line that – despite or precisely for this reason is an illusion – provokes fantasies about its crossing. Simultaneously, it is a threshold that is impossible to reach. The line emerges from the image, which is the result of an attempt to cross an unreachable threshold – to soar above the horizon. The landscape seen from a bird’s perspective could be interpreted as a sea of hardened lava, an unearthly landscape or on the contrary, the surface of the earth. In the latter case, it would be seen as if the displacement and transformation of the layers, which have been taking place strenuously for thousands of years, has been condensed into extremely fast flows that could only be reflected with the help of quickly cooling wax.

What is lost is at the beginning, solo show, CSW Ujadowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland, 2016. Curator: Jaroslaw Lubiak