Excavations of the Future, 2016
Installation: metal, wax, felt, OSB plate

It’s like an archaeological excavation site from which sedimentary formations, fossils or manmade artifacts emerge. For Angelika Markul, excavation sites become a metaphor for the desire to explore what is inaccessible, bringing to light that which is hidden beneath the surface of reality. It is significant to note that this type of research is destructive in its nature. It is true that excavations allow for the obtainment of invaluable knowledge and help generate new understands, but this is all at the expense of irreversible destruction of the examined archaeological site. At the same time, it is a glimpse into how an archaeological site could look after our times. What will be lost from the beginning, which we are establishing.

What is lost is at the beginning, exposition personnelle, CSW Ujadowski Castle, Varsovie, Pologne, 2016. Curator: Jaroslaw Lubiak