Memory of Glaciers
Video installation, COALITION, la Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France, 2024.
Curated by COAL

Memory of Glaciers is a myth at the confluence of science and fiction, the first component of a trilogy on the origin and existence of Man until his evolution. The film’s starting point is the discovery of the Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet, which might contain an explanation of the origin of life on Earth. The video installation recounts the tragic melting of a glacier in the south of Patagonia, evoking an amputation of a gangrened body. At the heart of these organic rocks—comet and glaciers—birth and death are preserved in equal fashion. Angelika Markul reveals the secrets they hold (real or fictional) through images tinted with mystery.

Angelika Markul, Memory of Glaciers, 2017-2024
Video installation, music by Côme Aguiar
Film, colour, sound, 10’51”, 3d images, loop, 2017
and 184 wax sculptures, 2024

© Marc Domage