Tierra del Fuego, 2020.

Installation composed of several elements:

Tierra del fuego, 31 wax heads and 3 bronze heads, 2020.

Mylodon de Terre, bronze, 2018.

Fougère, bronze, 2018.

Vitrine, wax, 2018.

Tierra Del Fuego is a polymorphic art project, consisting of a set of plastic works dealing with the disappearance of a glacial landscape. It is inspired by the archipelago of the same name which is located in Patagonia, at the confluence of Argentina and Chile, in the extreme south of the American continent. The unique landscape and characteristic of this region is gradually disappearing under the effect of climate change, as well as the Native American civilization that lived on the land for 12 000 years before being decimated by Europeans. Angelika Markul convenes a series of events and influences that together compose a symphony end of the world: bronze objects evoking the lost traditions Yagans of these nomadic fishermen of Tierra del Fuego and a sculpture of the body of a mylodon, this prehistoric animal endemic but disappeared. The artist has designed this work echoes the poem The Iluvia lenta ( “slow rain”) of the Chilean poetess Gabriela Mistral, which calls for a necessary reconnection with Mother Earth.


© Marc Domage